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Michelle, JP, Penelope & William | Newtonville, ON

This photoshoot truly warms my heart. It was taken in Newtonville, ON with Michelle, JP, Penelope & William. It was William’s birthday! What a wonderful memory for the family to have a shoot on this day! The land in this area is unlike any land I have seen within the Durham Region. There are hills, trees and long-stretched, windy roads everywhere. It is the perfect escape from the daily life of hustle and bustle.

My vision for this shoot was as natural and as un-posed as possible. This family is truly a delight to be around and I wanted to display as much of their fun-loving and easy-going personalities as I could.

As you can see, with this photoshoot, the importance of doing your hair for photoshoots makes such a difference. Michelle is a well-known hairstylist (Hair Witch + Creatrix) based out of Meraki Salon at 1121 Dundas Street, Whitby. Her skill for hair is clearly seen in all the photos here of her family. She styled each of their hair before the shoot! Experiencing a hair appointment with her is truly a positive experience. She is the easiest person to talk to and makes you feel completely welcome and comfortable. Sometimes you forget she’s even doing your hair because you have the best conversations with her, and then you look up and your hair looks perfect!

Doing your hair is one of the MOST important things in a photoshoot. No matter what you’re doing in the photos, your personality really shines through when you get your hair done and plan your outer appearance. It gives you confidence and a higher vibration that truly comes out in each photo.

Throughout this shoot, they were able to be completely true to themselves. The kids picked their own outfits! They didn’t need to be matchy-matchy, although they did a fabulous job! Penelope’s purple highlights in her hair matched her cute boots and Michelle’s Skirt. I just loved the details the kids chose for their outfits: The cute buttons and belts. These kids were SOOO cute and very bright! The hairstyles they had were fabulous and photographed so well!

I really enjoyed photographing them. It was so refreshing to see a family so incredibly down-to-earth and authentic. Capturing their dynamic was truly inspiring. I highly recommend taking this photoshoot as inspiration for your own family shoot. Remember to enjoy the precious things in life, hugs, kisses, the gardens, laughter, and the warmth of being together. Thank you for trusting me to take these photos for you x

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