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Rawan & Hussein’s Ketb Kitab | Engagement

I am super excited to post this lovely blog on Rawan and Hussein’s Engagement celebration. I feel super honoured to have been selected to photograph this event. This gorgeous engagement was planned and decorated by Aya from Zayah Events. You can follow her on Instagram @zayahevents. The ceremony was held in an outdoor tent at Rawan’s family home. This day was the day everyone lost power for the entire day! Only certain areas had power! In Whitby, we were out of power and cell phone service until 4AM! Luckily, Rawan’s family had power and the engagement was a meant-to-be success! It was gorgeous and sunny. Meeting Hussein and his family was really special. His family came all the way from New York. Both families were so fun-loving and positive. They are very happy families mashallah. It was so refreshing to meet people that instantly lift your spirits. Happiness is such a gift.

I loved the colours of her friend’s dresses. The girl’s dress coordination was completely unplanned. They showed up in similar colours and silky fabric. It was so pretty! I got to meet so many girls that I had on my Instagram, but I hadn’t met in person. All the girls were so beautiful. I’m pretty sure I went out and bought a whole bunch of mint colour clothing after this event because it looked so good on them!

I love photographing Islamic wedding ceremonies. They are so intimate and special. There is so much emotion and purity. I was able to capture each moment of the ceremony, followed by the presentation of jewellery and ring exchange. They then had a really nice dinner inside the tent. There is nothing like Lebanese food. Lebanese food is the best.

I was able to capture group photos of their family and friends and then a small portrait shoot of Hussein & Rawan. I just love them together. Rawan is such a sweet, polite and feminine girl. She literally reminds me of a real-life princess. Her whole family are one of my absolutely favourite Lebanese families. All the girls are the best! Hussein is probably the happiest guy I have ever met in my life, mashallah. When you’re in his presence, he makes you happy instantly. They are an absolutely beautiful couple. I love their love. May Allah always bless them. They are a true match made in Heaven mashallah. I’m really excited to share part of their collection below. Enjoy!

I want to eat my screen. This was so good.
Rawan’s sister Raneem made me the best ice coffee ever. I need her to make me another one.
This girl is the sweetest. I met Shirleen years ago and I just love her. It was so nice to see her and her family!
I had to get a few images of these ladies in front of the flower tree!
The bouquet that Hussein brought for Rawan. I love when the guys bring the girls flowers. It’s so sweet.
She’s so cute I can’t even
Zaynab is so pretty I had to post a pic of her.
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