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Mia | Lakeside Feminine Yoga Photoshoot

This photo shoot did not disappoint! I had a vision for this shoot that Mia completely nailed. My vision was to represent the feminine and elegant nature of yoga movements with elements of water. I wanted these photos to feel like a calm flow of expression. Mia’s outfit choice was perfect. The texture and fabric of her pants gave a whimsical feel while paired with the blue water and waves in the background. I love every picture and expression that she made using her body. I let Mia be in her natural element. I gave her minimal direction and angled myself in ways that complimented the shapes she created with her body. Mia is a Yoga teacher at Modo Yoga Pickering (Instagram @modoyogapickering). She teaches a beautiful Chakra Flow class and Yin class. Her teaching style cannot be compared to anyone that I know. Every yoga teacher has such a special style and that’s what makes their classes so beautiful and unique. Every yoga teacher is special. The knowledge and planning that goes into her class are incredible. She teaches from her whole heart. She uses knowledge as her way to stay centered. Her personality is like a rainbow. You feel warm and loved in her presence. You feel full of creativity, passion, and joy. Mia has her own jewelry business. She made the mala and bracelets in these photos. She creates jewelry with intention, purpose, and meditation. Feel free to follow her on Instagram under @kismetmalas I feel so blessed to have photographed her in her natural element. I hope to do many more shoots with her in the future. For now, please enjoy a few images from this magical photoshoot. I love this shoot and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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