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Veronica & Corbin’s Autumn Wedding

I am so excited to finally make a blog of this wedding. This one was really close to my heart. When I was asked to photograph the wedding of Veronica and Corbin I felt so much emotion. I really love Veronica & her sister Sam. Sam is an incredible photographer based in Ottawa. You can find Sam’s photography page on Instagram @sammyjeanpark. Veronica is an incredible artist and Graphic Designer. Her illustrations are beyond any talented illustrator that I have ever known. You can see her beautiful work on her Instagram @veetronic and her website I have known Veronica and Sam for years. Veronica is such a gorgeous girl, inside and out. She is a true animal lover. I remember my cat used to like her too. My cat always came out when gentle souls visited. Veronica is a gentle and beautiful soul. Her outward beauty matches her inward beauty. It was so lovely to meet Corbin again and his parents. I could tell how supportive and happy they were for their son. There was a sense of calmness at this intimate ceremony. It was really special. I absolutely loved Corbin’s dad’s outfit. I can tell his parents are a lot of fun, same with Veronica’s parents. Corbin is a sweetheart. His vows to Veronica were so, so beautiful.

Veronica and Corbin had tried to plan their wedding sooo many times. The pandemic certainly got in the way of their wedding plans and they decided to do a small and intimate wedding at the Heber Downs Conservation area in Whitby with just their parents. I had my friend Mia assist me in this wedding and do the video for me. We both felt incredibly honored to be a witness at this union.

This wedding was absolutely perfect in every way. It was actually a dream for me to photograph. The vows, the elements of Scottish details, and the emotions were picture-perfect for me. It was a really sunny day out so I had to play around with the lighting and my angles. I really love shooting in natural light and embracing every lighting situation. It’s important for me to capture the exact feel and nature of the day.

I was able to photograph the vows that Corbin and Veronica made themselves. It was so sweet to see the tears in everyone’s eyes while they spoke these words to each other. I cried really loud, you can probably hear me sobbing in the video lol. I get so emotional hearing words of love. I truly love what I do and witnessing love.

Her gorgeous bouquet and Corbin’s boutinear were from Rhea Flower Shop in Toronto. You can find this florist on Instagram under @rheaflowershop This bouquet was a dream. There is nothing like a full fresh flower bouquet to compliment a beautiful bride! I absolutely loved the colours.

I was able to take Veronica and Corbin all around Heber Downs. It was fall and the autumn leaves were a dream. We just walked all around the conservation area stopping at the perfect spots. I was able to see their fun humorous personalities. They had a lot of fun with the poses. There was a lot of laughing going on, behind the scenes of these romantic photos. I also couldn’t stop laughing when I was sifiting through these photos when I found two photos of them making intentionally hilarious faces and then popping back into serious mode. We had their parents come along for the shoot and everyone was taking photos.

I loved the Scottish elements. Veronica wore a shawl near the end of the shoot that was so Scottish. During their ceremony, they did a Celtic ritual of handfasting, where hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives. I watched Outlander and this wedding reminded me so much of a wedding in the series Outlander or the iconic movie Braveheart.

I believe Veronica and Corbin headed off to Haliburton for a small honeymoon after their wedding. What a perfect place to embrace a new life together, among the gorgeous lakes in Ontario!

I am so happy for these two! I hope I made Veronica’s sister Sam and brother Nat proud with my photos since they couldn’t be there! Please enjoy some photos from this really special wedding. Thank you so much again for hiring me, it meant the world to me.

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