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Jenn & Joe’s Wedding

Today I find myself reminiscing of this beautiful day. This wedding felt like a fairy tale from beginning to end. I had literally seen the relationship between Jenn & Joe blossom in front of my eyes, and there I was photographing their wedding day. I definitely called it when I photographed two other weddings where Jenn and Joe attended as guests and were dating at the time. I knew they would be together forever! They are a perfect match for each other! Jenn and her sister Danielle have been friends of mine since elementary school. It really meant a lot to me to photograph both of their weddings.

Both of my friends found the most wonderful men! The peaceful feeling that overcomes your soul when you know your friends have found their perfect match cannot be described. It can only be felt within your heart.

Watching the girls get ready was one of the greatest parts of the day. From hair and makeup to opening bridesmaid gifts, sharing stories and laughter. Every moment was full of energy. The hair and makeup artists did such an incredible job on the ladies. Their look was very natural, yet elegant. The slight braiding in Jenn’s hair was a perfect touch.

The blush pink bridesmaid dresses were a dream to photograph. The material of the dresses flowed in the wind and created movement in the images. Jenn’s good friends and sister were part of her wedding party. It was so special to see their individual bonds. Jenn’s adorable niece and nephew were the flower girl and ring boy.

One of the most special moments of the day was capturing the bond between Jenn and her grandmother. It’s so important as a photographer to document these emotions without adding too much direction.

My style is very natural. As I’m photographing couples, it’s important to, “let them be them”. I’m there as a witness to create art out of natural moments. I am honoured to be a part of each and every wedding I photograph.

It was FREEZING out, but this wedding party made it a pleasure to photograph in this crazy weather. You wouldn’t even know by the photos how cold it was outside.

The Oshawa Jubilee Pavilion was a very new venue and it was a perfect place to host such a beautiful wedding. The fact that the lake was just outside of the venue was absolutely convenient for photos. I couldn’t have asked for a better and more convenient wedding venue in the Durham Region. I highly recommend this venue.

Thank you Jenn & Joe for trusting me as your photographer. It was such a pleasure to work with you and your families.

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