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Mia & Shai | Yoga Instructor Photoshoot

I loved this photo shoot. It was a dream to photograph these flowy white outfits using natural lighting. I had a vision in my mind and I needed to express it visually, and that is exactly what I did.

Shaifali is an actual model. She travels all over the world and has been modelling since she was young. She used to go to my Yin classes at Glow Yoga in Whitby and we became friends instantly. She has the same vibe as me and I think that’s why we connected. She’s very soft-hearted. Shai also did her Yoga teacher training in the heart of India itself. Whenever I need advice, Shai is my go-to girl. She makes you feel calm instantly and her wisdom is beyond her age.

Mia and I teach at Modo Yoga Pickering together Thursdays. I teach Pilates and Yin and she teaches a beautiful Chakra Flow class & Restorative Yoga class. One time it was a slow day at the studio and I had no students in my class, so I got to sneak into her class and experience her incredible teaching. She is one teacher that knows the name of every single pose in English and in Indian sanskrit. Mia is a teacher who is constantly diving herself into books. Her passion and heart for teaching Yoga can be seen and felt. She is one of the most expressive instructors you will see. You can witness her passion for everything she does all over her physical appearance, her movements and what she speaks about. She always presents herself suitably from head to toe and always looks nice. I really admire that about her. I admire both girls. They are kind and compassionate, spiritual and are just amazing friends and people.

This photoshoot was an inspiration for me, and the contrast between Shai’s dark hair, and Mia’s blonde hair was the perfect combination. I love this photoshoot so much. I hope you enjoy the photos! My photos were taken with a Sony Alpha.

Nadi shodhana | Isolated Nostril Breathing
Mia from Modo Yoga Pickering
This is a beautiful movement. The spine comes into flexion and extension with the support of a partner.
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