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Pam & Chris | Engagement Photoshoot at Lynde Shores Conservation Area

This photoshoot was absolutely beautiful to photograph. Everyone that knows me, knows I love nature. I love water, I love trees and the sound of the birds. I love the sound of a canoe moving through the water. Pam and Chris were all for a canoe photoshoot! Chris asked me if he could bring anything to the shoot and I told him a canoe would be nice.. I was sort of joking.. but wasn’t.. and he actually got a canoe. I cannot believe Chris actually brought a canoe on his car to the photo shoot.

There’s a LOT of laughing behind the scenes in my photoshoots. Each photoshoot is an adventure. An adventure with Theresa hehe. But, this one, in particular, was extra hilarious. I situated myself on a dock while they were navigating through the marsh. I had to yell my directions and it was just hilarious. I honestly am not sure how they kept their clothes so perfect during this shoot.

By the end of the shoot, I actually put myself in the canoe with both of them. I always seem to get in the vehicles, whatever they are, with the couples I photograph. I have been a third wheel in countless go-carts, limos, cars canoes etc. Standing up in a canoe to take photos was very challenging.

They certainly exceeded my expectations of the inspiration I had for this shoot. I am ultra proud of our collective effort.

I love Chris and Pam! They are soo much fun and I am forever grateful for them!

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