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I would just like to talk about lighting for a second. I’m going to keep it real as it gets as a photographer who likes to use natural light for photoshoots. I rarely use a flash unless it is in an event setting such as a banquet hall that doesn’t have natural window light. The reason why I choose to use natural lighting over false lighting such as a flash is because

I like to exhibit the same sense and feel in my photos as what you felt on your wedding day.

I truly believe that you can almost “feel” what the day was like when reminiscing over your photos. Keeping the light natural allows you to be drawn into the natural emotion of the image. I can work with dim lighting, low lighting and bright lighting, but i LOVE natural light.

I find working with natural lighting challenges me to create an art piece that cannot be duplicated.

There is never a moment during the day that is the same on any other day. There is something special about capturing the true essence of a specific moment. That particular moment includes a specific lighting sceneario.

When clients ask me to come into their homes for family photos or even “getting ready” shots before the wedding, it is so crucial to have natural light coming in through the windows. I will explain why…

If you use fake lighting such as the lighting you may have in your house, you will get a yellow tint on your faces and odd shadows. Because the lighting is up above, shadows become inevitable in your photos. Shadows will form under your eyes, nose etc. and will be super unflattering and very difficult to correct.

Using natural window-light and neutral coloured walls and linens will help create a natural and elegant feel to your photos.

Things to keep in mind if a photographer comes to your house:

  1. Remove any clutter from the room
  2. Remove any bright coloured objects such as children’s blocks or toys
  3. Keep linens and any furniture used as props neutral in colour
  4. Open windows for natural lighting

Below are images of my own dress that I took inside my home. I don’t live in a large place, but I created a space that is clear & clean so it is easy to photograph in. The natural window light paired with these dreamy sheer curtains add a beautiful angelic feel to the images.

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