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Aurora + Oliver | Twin Baby Lifestyle Shoot

Oh my goodness this has to be the cutest blog ever! If anyone’s having a bad day, looking at these sweet angels will instantly uplift your mood! Aurora and Oliver were only days old when this photoshoot was done. I have seen Kellie and Pierre’s love story blossom over the years. I have had the privilege to photograph their engagement photos, their wedding photos, their first born Luke’s baby photos (which will be on another blog) and now their twins Aurora and Oliver. This is a very late blog post, as the two of them just turned one in December!

I have never photographed twins before. This was a first for me! Since I don’t do baby swaddle wrapping or baby props, I generally use the parent’s hands and neutral coloured blankets and pillows. I try to make my photoshoots as timeless and “real” as possible.

My style for baby shoots is raw and natural. Whatever the babies decide to do during this time, I capture the true essence of what is actually happening, so it creates a memory that is real and true to their life. There’s even beauty in the cry of a baby. There is nothing sweeter than a tiny cry for milk or fascinating eyes looking up at me during the shoot. I really do live for these moments of rawness.

It was so cute because when one twin was calm, the other one was crying. When one twin was sleeping the other twin was fully alert. Luke was especially good in this shoot. As a big brother, he took such good care in holding his brother and sister.

These photos are so darn precious I could look at them all day! It was such a pleasant treat to go through these images a year later and now blog about it!

I’m really glad I was able to come right to Kellie and Pierre’s home for this shoot. I have never had a baby, but I can just imagine how much of a relief that would be to have a home photoshoot and not travel with kids to a destination for a shoot! Having everything in the comfort of your own home is the perfect option. If anyone is looking for this type of shoot, it’s called “lifestyle photography”. It’s done directly in your home using natural lighting. The more lighting, the better! That means windows! There were lots of windows around Kellie and Pierre and the photos turned out just lovely!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and I’ll be back to write more!


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