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Carol Baxter owner of Glow Yoga Studio in Whitby

I’m not even sure where to start off by explaining how awesome Carol is. A person who embodies such feminine qualities, but is so strong mentally and compassionate at the same time. This is what Carol is. She’s a generous and motivated woman who pushes everyone to their limit and sees the best in them.

Every time I photograph Carol we have the best chats and we learn from each other. Although a lot of Carol’s “yoga posing photos” exhibit some extreme strength and flexibility, Carol teaches her students way more than a physical practice.

I had the privilege to be in her 250 hour Yoga teacher training this year with a group of the most incredible and loving women. Through this course we took, we learned about self-confidence, anatomy, teaching techniques and a lot of fascinating history. Carol’s course really dissects the ability to look within yourself and to accept every aspect of yourself in order to embrace and exhibit unconditional love.

Carol is someone you can lean on for comfort, will pick you up when you are down and will defend you like a mother tiger. She is a wonderful person to photograph!

One time we were promoting her new “Trance Dance” class and I was photographing her with these special cordless headphones that are used in this class and she put the headphones on me and we were photographing away while listening to this special trance dance music. It was so much fun!

Our photoshoot props usually consist of swords or crystal balls. Sometimes there will be random balls of hay that she will have to run and jump onto to get on top and I’ll have to wait until we both stop laughing to take the photos. All of them are the funnest.

Carol actually gets into the energy she wants to portray in her images. I give her the time she needs to feel whatever it is she wants to portray to her audience, and then I take the images in the moment. These images are truly real and embody a sense of strength and compassion.

Her studio is located in Whitby. It’s called “Glow Yoga”. There are three located on her property, one called the “Kukoro” studio which was water fountains shooting up from the moat in the ground which surrounds the studio. My favourite studio is the “Breathe” studio which is an outdoor studio. You can hear the birds and trees. The other is called the “Loft” which is a gorgeous space with hardwood floors and mahogany coloured walls. And then there is the gorgeous white studio down Brock St in Whitby. This one is pure white inside. All studios have a different energy to them. It’s very fascinating. I love giving tours to new clients.

If you have not been to Glow yoga studio, it is definitely something to put on your bucket list! They have classes ranging from meditative and light practices to vigorous workouts that remove any stagnant energy and replenish you with a clear tranquil feeling. All her instructors are hand-picked and she works with them all the way to success.

Carol’s hair cut & colour: Raeda | Be Dazzled Beauty Salon, Whitby, ON Instagram: @be_dazzlebeautysalon
Yoga clothes: Lolë Canada

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