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Pam and Chris’ Wedding |The Doctor’s House in Kleinburg, Ontario

I have known Chris for over 15 years. I met him in my second year of Graphic Design at Durham College. Him and I were very good friends throughout College and whenever I needed someone to cheer me up, he would be the first person to make me laugh. Chris is basically a ball of sunshine. When I met Pam it was like TWO balls of sunshine together.

I was SO excited about this wedding! I left him and Pam the most excited voice note ever in reply to asking me to photograph their wedding.

I met him and Pam at a coffee shop in Whitby to discuss their big day. Our meeting was full of non-stop laughter. I remember crying because I was laughing so hard. I’m not even sure what we were laughing at, but I just remember how my stomach hurt after that meeting from all the laughter. It was like there was never a gap in between the last time I saw Chris.

Pam is one of the loveliest girls I’ve ever met. She is so calm and sweet. They both suit each other so well! They balance each other and care for each other so much.

One of the many highlights from this wedding was witnessing Pam open up a sentimental gift from her mother before her wedding. Pam was really trying hard not to cry. It’s private moments like these that I cherish. I usually stay quiet in the background witnessing these moments with my camera and capture every detail of expression.

Their wedding was a dream for me to photograph. The best part of it all was that my entire group of friends were there to celebrate the two of them. This was one of the most relaxed, fun weddings I have ever photographed.

The wedding was held at the Doctor’s House in Kleinburg, Ontario. This venue is gorgeous! The church is an absolute gem. The entire outside of the venue provides so many perfect spots to photograph. Pam’s beautiful veil and gorgeous timeless dress photographed beautifully. One of her bridesmaids is one of my good friends. Her name is Hillary. I made sure to get plenty of shots of Hillary. I hope Hillary has framed all the photos I took of her lol. I made sure to get individual shots of each bridesmaid with Pam. I think these images are so important to capture. I managed to get photos of Pam and Chris walking near the road during golden hour. It was magical.

The reception was amazing. Chris’ friend Colin was the MC and the entire crowd of guests were laughing non-stop.

I snuck outside in the dark to get photos of the venue. There’s something very nostalgic about the Doctor’s House venue. I guess because there is a lot of history there. In the dark, it has the most majestic feel to it. This venue is irreplaceable. I highly recommend having a wedding here!

I am so happy to have photographed this wedding for the both of them. Because they are friends of mine, I’m extra hard on myself when it comes to capturing moments. It was seriously the best feeling in the world to receive their “Thank you” card in the mail using photos I had taken on the card. Seeing my photos printed brings the biggest smile to my face.

Thank you Pam and Chris for hiring me for your wedding. It truly meant the world to me. You guys are the best!


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