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Marziyeh & Abuzar | Nikah

This beautiful Nikah took place at the Jaffari Community Center in Thornhill. I love photographing here. The community really understands the importance of having a photogenic place for couples who prefer a private atmosphere to take photos. They decorate the center beautifully and it is so well kept. For this particular wedding celebration, the colours were delicate and light, which matched the bride’s personality so well. The colours were soft pink, peach and white. It looked like a beautiful garden of cherry blossoms.

Every Nikah I photograph has a special place in my heart. I can always sense the beautiful divine feeling among the room as the couple vow to marry each other under the blessing of God and their families. Generally the entire community shows up to weddings at the Jaffari Community Centre to send prayers, blessings and support to each couple.

Marziyeh and Abuzer were so easy to photograph Masha Allah. They had such a special connection and their families were wonderful as well. I had such a fun time photographing them in the main hall of the Jaffari Center. After the event was over we were able to get some nice night time photos outside the masjid. The photos I’m showing here are purely detail photos. You will have to ask the couple to see the rest of the collection. I keep my clients photos safe and private for religious reasons. I hope you enjoy these photos below! Thank you to Marziyeh & Abuzar for such a wonderful experience. May Allah bless you both.

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