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Heili, Chris & Henry (the cat)

These two photo shoots were the most fun photoshoots I have had in a long time! Throughout my photography career, I’ve always made my brother model for my photos when I needed to practice new editing techniques. So naturally, I decided to propose the idea of a photoshoot with his gorgeous girlfriend Heili. Heili was so excited for the shoot. Chris realizes that he was gardening and then all of a sudden ended up at a photo shoot.

Heili and I have a lot in common, we love cats, we love dresses, we love doing spontaneous things and we both are the same size in clothes. So, you can imagine how much fun I had planning these shoots.

I asked Heili to come over with the cat Henry one day and all of a sudden I had her in some dresses posing with the cat in my room. We were dying of laughter behind the scenes. Henry had no idea what was happening. Like most males, he went with the flow. He didn’t quite understand this new surrounding but adapted very well. Both dresses Heili wore were from

Honestly, sometimes as a photographer, we just need to have some fun. And this is what family and friends are for. We do so many serious events, stress over editing and worry about reaching deadlines. I am my worst critic when it comes to photography. I put my heart and soul into every single photo shoot. So sometimes, in between jobs, I need to just laugh and have some fun with my camera. It is so important to keep this art as a passion and a career at the same time, and balancing the two can be difficult.

I took Heili and Chris out to a beautiful quiet conservation area in Whitby. I asked Heili if she would prefer a city or a nature feel to the photos. She chose nature. I actually lent her my own dress, which I knew would fit her perfectly. She also styled her hair herself with my curling iron and did her own makeup. I also gave her sandals that had zero grip to them. We literally had to hike up a hill to get these photos. I’m not sure how she made in those shoes to be honest lol.

I asked my brother to “lift” Heili. Chris is used to lifting weights, not people, so naturally he lifted her like a weight. It was hilarious. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that hard in a photoshoot. You can clearly see in her face that she had no idea that was going to happen. Honestly, sometimes the best photos are the ones that are candid and full of laughter.

I love observing people’s dynamics during my shoots. I could easily tell how much my brother cares and loves Heili. It is so obvious that they are best friends and partners. I am truly happy they both found each other.

This blog is dedicated to Heili. Happy birthday Heili! I hope you have a beautiful day!

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