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Alaa & Ali | Wedding

This wedding was 6 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. I don’t always keep wedding collections, but because Alaa is a close friend of mine, I made sure to keep hers safe and sound in my external hard drive.

I met Alaa at Durham College. To be honest, I feel so old that I don’t recall what year it was. I went to college twice, once for Graphic Design and again years later for Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy assistant. I met so many amazing people in College and Alaa was one of them.

When Alaa & Ali hired me for their wedding, I was SO excited. It was just the beginning of my friendship with Alaa. I had photographed their engagement previously and knew they would be the perfect pair to photograph on their wedding day.

I loved how Alaa did her own Hijab and makeup. I really enjoyed spending the time with her before the wedding started. Ali met her before heading off to the Ajax rotary park for photos by the lake. I can remember how sunny it was. I had to keep these photos in shaded areas. Her bouquet had a beautiful country chic feel to it. Her dress flowed perfectly in the breeze and her makeup was lovely and subtle.

I really enjoyed the special touches at the wedding reception. How culturally appropriate the guest favors were, being little rustic bottles of olive oil. Alaa & Ali are Lebanese and a Lebanese wedding wouldn’t be the same without debke dancing. The guests danced in a circle as the couple shared glances of joy to be together under the union of marriage.

6 years later, Alaa is one of my closest friends. She is the one person who can make me cry of laughter at any given time. She is now a fellow photographer and you can find her work under @memoriesbyalaa on Instagram.

Thank you both for hiring me for this special day. You’re both such a beautiful couple Masha Allah.

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