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Lebanese Cultural Engagement

Toronto Lebanese | Engagement Photography

Engaged Lebanese couple
Toronto Muslim Engagement Photography

Makeup by Rolla, The Gift of Glamour and myself (Weddings And Media) had teamed up for a promo near Valentine’s Day. Our contest winner would receive a complimentary photo shoot, makeup application and necklace for their shoot. I was so excited when Fatima won our contest! I had the privilege to photograph her Islamic marriage ceremony last year. She’s such a sweet girl masha-Allah.

Engaged young woman in toronto
Toronto Engagement Photography
Toronto Lebanese engagement photography
Toronto Engagement Photography Location

We picked the Scarborough Bluffs location. This is my FAVORITE location. It was a perfect setting for this beautiful Lebanese couple Engagement photography photo shoot. I never, ever get sick of going there. The scenery is literally beautiful all year round. It’s hard to believe a place like this exists within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). I had many visions in mind for this shoot. I really wanted to try different artistic and dynamic things with this photo shoot and still capture the essence of their beautiful relationship. I feel so bad because Fatima explained to be that she never wears heels and there was an incredible amount of mud everywhere! Scanning through my photos after the shoot, I could see how hard of a time it was walking in the mud and ice with those heels! They didn’t complain once and were willing to do all the adventurous things I had in mind! Rolla did an incredible job on the makeup. Rolla just enhanced and magnified those beautiful eyes and lashes Fatima has. I was able to capture some solo shots of Fatima as the sun glistened nicely across her pretty face.

Toronto engagement photography


My overall experience with this lovely young Lebanese couple was just awesome. I was so excited when I saw their outfits. I can always count on Lebanese couples to color-coordinate. I love photographing navy blue. Navy blue is a timeless color! I am also really happy there was still some snow. If there was no snow it would have been just a muddy mess with a beautiful backdrop! I did ruin another pair of boots on this day. I still haven’t cleaned them, I just threw them in the garage. I seem to ruin a pair of shoes during each and every photo shoot. I’ve claimed it my tradition to ruin a pair of shoes during my photo shoot adventures. After this one I said “khalas” (Lebanese word for “enough”) and went out and bought some knee high rain boots from the Superstore 🙂 I’m excited to photograph in my rain boots now!! Future couples, get ready for some adventures!

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