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Max and Vero’s Montreal Wedding

Max and Vero have been great friends of mine for years now! Max met his princess in Cuba on a vacation. The two of them were immediately drawn to each other. They are both French, lived in Montreal and have extremely vibrant and uplifting personalities. It wasn’t long before Vero migrated from Montreal to Toronto to be closer to Max. Their lives progressed from there. They are inseparable and perfect for each other. Vero can turn any frown into a smile with her energetic and positive spirit. This is truly a match made in Heaven and I couldn’t have been more honored to be asked to be their photographer.

I was beyond excited to travel to Montreal for this wedding. I stayed right in the hotel that Vero and Max were staying in (Le St-Martin Hotel and Suites). This hotel was unlike any that I have ever been to. I was so completely hyper when I went inside. If I could rate a hotel out of 5 stars, I would give it a 6. I think the sheet thread count was probably over 1500.. they must have been Egyptian cotton. Anyways, we started off the morning of the wedding with a fabulous breakfast outside with the Bridal party. There was palm trees outside.. like hello.. I then drifted up to Vero’s suite (which looked like a princess tower) where the excitement began. Hair, makeup, laughter, fabulous light, beautiful girls.. It was a start to a great day!

Final Thoughts

In light of the french feel of this wedding, I’m going to express myself in French: MAGNIFIQUE is the word that describes this wedding. I cannot even count how many different emotions I felt from the guests and the bride and groom. I am so pleased with the amount of emotions I managed to capture during this gorgeous wedding day. The most emotional moment I have witnessed to date was when the doors opened in the church to where the bride stepped inside toward her groom. Max definitely felt weak to the knees and you could see it in his face. The music was absolutely perfect. Vero’s father walked her slowly toward Max to the song “Turning Page” from the Twilight soundtrack. Vero’s wedding dress was absolutely perfect for her. The whole wedding atmosphere was fabulous. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to photograph my two amazing friends. Editing these photos was extremely inspiring and I am very pleased with how they turned out.

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