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Heather and Nico’s Wedding in Ajax

I am so excited to come back to writing blogs finally! And I choose to write my first blog in years about Heather and Nico’s wedding! I was overwhelmed with joy when Heather asked me to photograph her wedding at Greenwood Discovery Pavilion in Ajax. Greenwood Conservation area has been one of my favourite places to shoot. It is a hidden gem.

I met Heather at a Cacao ceremony workshop at a Yoga studio that we happened to both teach at in Whitby. It was both of our first time experiencing Kundalini Yoga, and it was quite apparent that we had no idea what Kundalini Yoga was before entering the workshop. Kundalini Yoga can seem abstract to someone that has never read up on it before. I remember looking over at Heather as we had to do these very interesting arm movements alongside some intense breathing techniques, and we both couldn’t contain ourselves. We were trying so hard not to laugh. I remember trying to hold in my laughter by looking down at the floor. Being next to Heather who felt the same way did not help. We bounced off each other’s energy like a ping-pong effect. Every time I looked at Heather I was crying of laughter. I took the time to research Kundalini Yoga afterwards, and I now understand how beautiful these techniques are for your body and mind.

Back to the wedding blog… So, when Heather asked me to photograph her wedding, I was beyond excited! When she told me it was a small wedding at Greenwood Discover Pavilion, I am pretty sure I bursted like a bag of skittles with joy.  I think I was more excited than I had ever been when someone has asked me to photograph their wedding. I was already planning this nature-filled photoshoot in my head.

The wedding was perfect and dreamy as I imagined. Heather’s dress was one of the prettiest bridal gowns I have ever seen. The intricate detailing of her lace, pearl-buttoned dress was so timeless.

When I met Nico, I knew right away this was a match made in Heaven. I couldn’t even imagine a better-suited couple. He was so polite, quiet and sweet and you could tell how much he adores Heather.

I had such a wonderful time taking them around in the natural atmosphere outside the Pavilion. What a dream wedding this was for a photographer. This wedding was a complete pleasure to witness and photograph. I am so full of gratitude to have been Heather and Nico’s wedding photographer.


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