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About Us

Weddings and Media is simply as the name suggests, a company focused on capturing perfect moments during your perfect day. The difference is that we love our work, which is reflected by the quality we offer in our photography and videography opportunities. Not a single photo or video is taken without the highest attention to details, turning a simple snapshot into a work of art that can tell a story.

Whether it is your wedding, engagement, or any special occasion, our services go above and beyond to paint the picture of an everlasting memory. Our professional, down-to-earth photo-artists (staff) have been trained to do a remarkable job with over 10 years of service and hundreds of satisfied customers countrywide. The wedding will be your day. Let us be the artists that can illustrate all the heartfelt emotions you’ll experience into everlasting masterpieces.

  • Amanda

    Every detail was captured, they didn’t miss out on the important and sentimental moments of our big day. From walking down the aisle, to the emotional moment between father and daughter, it was all captured beautifully.

  • Yasmine

    Marvelous photography! Professional, patient and extremely talented. My fiancé and I were so impressed. They captured each moment perfectly.

  • Jenn

    Thank you SO MUCH for capturing our wedding day so beautifully! I really just can’t begin to express how much we LOVE our video. You do great work and should be very proud of it. You made our day very special. We will be FOREVER GREATFUL!