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Boss Physio Photo Shoot in Whitby, Ontario

This project was one we’re not typically accustomed to doing. We enjoy capturing new things every now and then so we were definitely up to the challenge! Boss Physio is an up-and-coming Whitby physio clinic looking to paint the perfect picture of who they are and what they do. The vision for the photoshoot was to capture the friendliness of this otherwise large physiotherapist named Ali Dib. He had mentioned that his goal was to change the game by giving quality, one-on-one, evidence-based care. Hence, the theme became the approachable therapist and his treatment table. Although he didn’t know what to do at first, he later became a natural at posing for the right photos.

The treatment table we used was a portable one that he typically lugs around for his in-home clients. Because it was an important part of what he did, we decided that we’d include this table in a lot of the photos we’d be taking. One of the challenges was deciding how to incorporate the table in action shots of him treating a client. Typically, action photos are candid images in which the subject being photographed appears to be unaware of the image even occurring. But when we found the right spot at the clinic with the perfect lighting, the photos were coming out great and everyone was having fun. 

At Weddingsnmedia, it’s important we highlight that we don’t just specialize in wedding photos and videos. We also capture the stories of brands and businesses alike who are looking to communicate who they are. The versatility of the physiotherapy business needs to be captured more! There’s so much confusion as to what a physiotherapist does. As Ali was explaining their scope of care, I was amazed at all the things I hadn’t known until the photoshoot. They don’t just treat injuries (as we all know them to do). They educate the public, prevent injuries, and optimize your health. It almost seems like a no brainer to visit his Whitby physio clinic, and get a regular tune-up even if you don’t present with an injury!

We’re super excited about the captivating photos we delivered that day to Boss Physio. Becoming a part of someone’s journey is what makes every project unique and inspiring. It’s always our pleasure to plant the seed of good photography and videography material that captures a company’s brand. It’s also special when a brand is in its growing phase, still learning and adapting to who they are and what they bring to the world.

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